• We are Redefining and Reshaping

    the Future of Learning

  • About us

    Creta Ventures is a globally-focused venture capital firm

    actively investing in the future of education and skills development

    Creta is the Latin word for chalk, the favoured writing implement in classrooms and lecture theatres across the world for centuries. Chalk facilitated the transfer of generations of human knowledge from people’s minds into the physical space, passing it on for others to explore and expand upon.

    To us, “chalk” symbolizes the importance of education. A once ubiquitous and indispensable educational tool that illustrates the fluidity and evolution of education as time passes - something that we strive to encourage via the development of relevant technologies and ideas.

    To help us on our journey, we have forged a strategic partnership with Tsinghua Corporation. Their collective portfolio encompasses over 400 innovative enterprises across the healthcare, technology, education and TMT sectors, working with prominent clients such as Yixue Online, Evernote China and Xuetang Online.

    We believe in China’s existing importance and limitless future potential in the worldwide education market.