• We believe in the

    Exponential Power of Education

  • The world is changing.

    We are in the midst of an economic, technological and educational revolution.

    This revolution is perhaps most apparent in China,

    a country with not just the largest population, but also the largest pool of human capital.


    At Creta Ventures, we welcome the change - we want to be a part of it. To achieve this, we follow some core principles:

    Nurture human capital

    Encouraging growth, and making the most of China’s vast untapped collection of knowledge, skills and ideas requires both innovation and investment. We aim to find some of the world’s most innovative ideas, then provide the necessary investment.

    Invest early

    We believe in helping the most promising, forward-thinking enterprises to reach their full potential. Forming strong relationships early in their journey means we can help them through the difficult initial phases and deliver maximum results.

    Provide expert guidance

    At Creta Ventures, we have a foundation of decades of invaluable experience across the fields of both education and business. We have dedicated our lives to educating and furthering ourselves, then applying what we learn to the corporate world - with great success. We want to use what we’ve learned to benefit the enterprises of tomorrow.